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From June to August:
Enjoy the dolphins and whales season

M/S Encantada Cruises

A live-aboard made
just thinking in small
family groups...
Galapagos on
foot with incredible
and unique land

A homey family
atmosphere since it has
been conceived thinking
in the traveller that comes
far away from home.
Island hopping will let you
explore Galapagos...

Check the special
deals and get
to know Galapagos
with our cruises,
island hopping
and diving tours.

• 5 Days-Genovesa Loop l North
• 6 Days-Española Loop l South
• 6 Days-Fernandina Loop l West
• 8 Days-Española & Isabela Loop l South & West
• 8 Days-Genovesa & Isabela Loop l North & West

• Regular Island Hopping

• Galapagos Lodging

• 35% Isabela island lodging


Scuba Galapagos travel agent and tour operator offers tours on the Galapagos and all around Ecuador, which suit the budget traveler as well as the most luxurious holiday seeker.
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The Galapagos Islands are truly exceptional and one-of-a-kind natural site. This UNESCO World Heritage place is a chain of volcanic islands located  in the Pacific Ocean
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Diego, the super male who saved his species in the Galapagos
Monday, 26 September 2016
  Photo: AFP The population of giant tortoises of the Spanish... Read More...

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